About Humanity Film festival

One of the main activities of this institute is having this festival and it is going to be hold annually from 2020. It is an international festival and directors from all parts of the world – in three age groups – can take part in it and compete and show their movies in different sections of the festival.

One of the main reasons of having this festival is to create a warm and friendly environment for those filmmakers who work in tough and awkward conditions – whether in their own country or other countries – and those filmmakers whose cinematic activities are focused on humanitarian ones. This environment brings about the acquaintance of these filmmakers and they can share their experience in a social atmosphere.

Because of studying human rights and specific humanitarian subjects, the festival is completely particular and definitely films portraying these subjects will be admitted.

It should be mentioned that in 2021 there is no subject-centered sections in festival and there will be particular sections of Drama, Documentary and Animation based on movies running time. The festival slogan is “Only For Humanity, For the Future Generations and Respect For Individuals”. The festival staff will demonstrate their commitment to humanitarian principles and are going to step into support for the slogan.

From 2015 based on our consultations with human rights activists, scholars and university professors there will be subject-centered sections in the festival and different subjects regarding human rights will be set for every section.

It is important to state that presence in this festival has its own humane and moral value and all the attendance will be acknowledged and they will receive presence diploma.

Maybe the financial awards of the festival won’t be dazzling but the statuette of the festival is considered as a holy emblem of appreciating humanitarian activities of an artist and it has a high moral value. More than anything else it is important to give this emblem to filmmakers and to value them. This emblem is illustrative and is formed regarding the slogan of the institute.

Earth and Nature – the Sky and Water – are very important for us. Based on the idea of the humanity film institute founder and director, the statuette is going to be made in accordance with natural elements of the Earth in order for respecting our kind Mother Earth and its elements.

The statuette is going to be made of gold, silver, copper, nickel, wood, rock, water, glass and etc. From the viewpoint of festival staff and the jury the spiritual value of the statuette made of different materials is the same.

After the announcement of registration by festival office, each year three elements for each section of festival will be used for making statuette and it is going to be made by the best and the most famous artists and sculptors in an international scale.

Festival Jury

Two teams form the Humanity Film Festival Jury. The first team is consisted of artists, filmmakers and professionals of different areas in cinema, who are experts in different areas in cinema with notable backgrounds in their own field. They are prize winners of other festivals and their works and activities are mostly on human rights or humanitarian issues.  The second group which completes the first group is consisted of researchers, human right writers and activists, international lawyers and judges, current and former members of international human right organizations, directors and members of humanitarian NGOs.

In each part of competition, three artists ( filmmaker, director, … ) and three human right activists will review and judge films. These six judges will announce the final nominees.

Three months before submission time, team of founders, festival office and the director introduce a list of experts and professionals to legal and art advisors. In case of agreement the experts and professionals will be invited to the festival as judges.

These judges will be invited from all around the world and issues like nationality, religion or political beliefs will not be considered in selection of these judges. They will only be selected by their art or cultural humanitarian activities.

These judges will also be asked to judge films without taking national, religious or ideological hostility.

Every year, in the final ceremony of the festival, each of our judges will receive a medal of honor from a famous figure. This famous figure will be an internationally famous figure invited as a guest.

Also, each year the most courageous filmmaker will be prized by the founder of festival after discussing the films with the Jury.

Festival Laws

  1. Films need to be registered in Festival Films. All parts of registration form should be filled.
  2. Each film can be registered in one part of the main competition.
  3. Directors cannot register more than two films.
  4. Each film has at most two years from the time of production to the time of registration.
  5. Quality of the films regarding picture, sound and music must meet the standards.
  6. All non- English films will be admitted to the festival with English subtitle.
  7. Films must not be dubbed. Dubbed films will not be admitted to the main or the registration part.
  8. After registration in the website and sending the email, a copy of the film (on a DVD) must be mailed to the Festival in the scheduled time.
  9. DVDs must be playable in PCs, players and other devices.
  10. In case of admittance to the main or the competition part, festival office will inform you with a letter or an email. After receiving the letter, films must be sent to festival office in the scheduled time. If, under any circumstance, producers were not able to send the final cut to festival office, they must state the reasons and evidence in an official letter.
  11. If the festival office needs particular photos or notes from a film, festival office will ask the directors for the materials. The directors must send the required material in certain time.

Humanitarian Laws

  1. All films must follow the rules of copyright. No material (plan, idea, graphical format, photo, text, picture, and etc.) of other owners can be used without their permission.
  2. Films must not violate human consuetude. Films can only discuss or narrate a particular event on humanity with no insult to individuals.
  3. Films must not target or insult the thoughts, religious beliefs, nationality, race, language, customs, religious ceremonies of any group, tribe, nation and etc.
  4. In case of narrating an event, documentaries must be based on precise evidence. They must also avoid defaming individuals, groups, or governments.
  5. Films must not include disgusting or sexual graphics as well as humiliation or insult to humanity. In other words, films must respect the human dignity.