Our institute is a private one, aimed at helping the meaning and the concept of the word Humanity through the seventh art, Cinema. We officially started our activities in 2012.

We believe that, in the present day, cinema is one of the most effective elements of human communication and thanks to the rapid improvements in technology, this nice blend of art and industry has succeeded in overcoming the obstacles, and cinema is playing a great role in this way of helping.

This art might be more powerful in some developed countries; however you can vividly observe the role of cinema in helping to define human concepts and defending humanity in third world countries too.

In the present time, and after all these advancements, progress and improvements in all aspects of human life, such as science, philosophy, logic, communications, human science and social science, economy, tourism along with extraterrestrial technologies and connection with other planets and etc. humans still cannot live peacefully with each other and be in their exact human role and position.

Words and phrases like Politics, diplomacy, border, religion and religious beliefs, human rights violations, intercontinental wars, civil wars, border or tribal disputes, dictatorial regimes, social and political oppressions by governors, political prisoners, execution, stoning to death, slavery and modern slavery, colonialism, exploitation, yellow Gold, black Gold, diamond, uranium, gun trade, gun Factories, narcotics, sex trade, Rape, trafficking women and girls, children and young adults marriage, trafficking of human organs, escape, emigration, and thousands of other words and phrases make humanity forgotten, a crucial concept that can save all mankind.

The United Nations, as the only international organization deeply concerned about these serious obstacles, has been working hard with all their subsidiary organizations to face and remove obstacles of different kinds. They have also done their best to force governments and governors, armies and armed forces to respect Human Rights, using their political integrity. By deploying the Peacekeeping Forces they have even interfered to end wars or to save innocent people and keep peace or even to overthrow tyrannical regimes. Furthermore, some have lost their lives in this way. For these reasons, people all around the world have always counted on the UN in times of danger and crisis. Nevertheless, the UN has not been able to solve the problems, despite utilizing all its political, economic and cultural power.

There are thousands of non-governmental organizations in different parts of the world, who are doing their best, alongside the UN, to solve the mentioned problems. They strive and even put their lives in danger. They believe that, hand in hand and by keeping the international culture of philanthropy in our minds, we can pass many of these dangers and we can make a better world on Earth for future generations, we can cure present pains of Earth. We can make a new world without wars and bloodsheds, without oppression, without poverty and hunger in the shelter of peace and education.

We, as one of the mentioned organizations, are behind the great international organizations and have begun our professional and specialized activities in the field of art and cinema. Our purpose is to protect and promote the meaning of humanity and to preserve the sanctity of human high and to protect this planet through the international culture of philanthropy.