Why we support your project

Our purpose in support of young filmmakers, directors and documentarists from all over the world is clearly stated in … But our specific purpose, in contribution part, is to support independent films which try to reveal the untold humanitarian and philanthropic facts in production phase.

Many young filmmakers and documentarists are keen on working on humanitarian subjects. They like the subjects of human rights and its difficulties. However, the production and the contribution of such works are very different. Therefore, many of these young filmmakers lose their hope and quit, even before starting.

Increasing the number of filmmakers working on humanity and philanthropic subjects is one of our purposes. The most important factor to reach this goal is supporting the activities of such filmmakers.

Having this aim in our mind, our institute supports young independent filmmakers from all around the world in any phase; research, pre-production, writing story and script, production, distribution and broadcast.  We will even participate in production phase.

 The only difference between our institute and other institutes is that we believe all the 100% of financial benefit belongs to the filmmaker and our contribution is only for our humanitarian goals. This matter is only about our contribution affairs, so our projects would not be included.

What projects we support

Currently, according to reports by Human Rights Watch form all around the world, human rights are being violated for various political or economic or social reasons. Many governments cause injustice and inequity to their nations, and oppress them, neglecting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and their international commitments in the Human Rights Council and the United Nations.

Generally, whatever violates basic rights of a human being is important to us and needs to be depicted. We also value any philanthropic act done by any international organizations, NGOs, youth groups or other groups of people. Therefore we will try to help these people broadcast their works.

We will support long-time, middle-time or short documentaries, dramas or animations in different phases of production, broadcasting and distribution provided that they are based on true stories and the subject is related to humanity.

The main condition of our support and contribution is the director or documentarist or filmmaker’s age. Until 2016 our priority will be artists of 18 to 30-year-old. If we receive contribution requests from artists of higher ages, a team of contribution members and human rights activists will discuss the matter and find a way to support the project.

You can see part of our categorization here:

– Major or minor subjects on war, whether civil or with another country, tribal or border conflicts

– Natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, tsunami, drought, or even pandemic disease and industrial contaminations

– Exploitation and slavery, modern or old

– Children Rights, Including crisis children, war children, raped or abused children

– Aids

– Prison, innocent prisoners, secret prisons, violation of prisoners rights

– Political prisoners, political activities, pressure on political activists by security forces

– Anti-human acts of dictatorial regimes

– Hanging, stoning to death, mutilation

– Trading human beings or their body organs

– Forcing children or young adults to marry

– Trading drugs and weapons

– Mass destruction weapons, chemical, uranium, phosphorous, atomic

– Immigration and asylum seekers

– Massacre for beliefs; religious, ethnic, tribal, etc.

– Rights violations and disrespect of religions

– Regional or rural governments and violations of human rights done by these governments

How we support your project

International Institute of Humanity Film supports films with the particular subject of humanity and human rights. Humanity Film support will be in the following areas: financial, administrative, legal, facilities, research and advertising. Humanity Film will also hire staff, skillful in different fields related to cinema for filmmakers and their projects.

Quality in contribution and accomplishment has always been a basic principle for us. We believe that films about humanity must meet international standards. Audio and visual quality must be high to respect all the viewers rights, therefore we try to use the best facilities and equipment and also we will employ skillful staff. We will consult with the best artistic and cultural advisors to participate in the projects.

Procedures of support and contribution

  1. The directors must send a summary of their plan including the documents and research results to the contribution part. The directors must state their request and the request must be clear. Along with the request the director should send a resume in one page.
  2. There must be at least 3 film related to humanity in the directors’ resume.
  3. Our priority is to cooperate with the director, if producers wish to receive contribution; they must send a complete and fully detailed list of their past activities including information about their previous sponsors to us. If the board of contribution agrees, their projects will be supported. Provided that the introduced directors meet out requirements.
  4. After reading the plans and the resumes, if the board of contribution needs to watch their previous films, the directors will be asked to upload two copies of their works within 10 to 15 days. The films format should be 720*576 and with logo (only for viewing).
  5. After declaration of the board of contribution, the directors should send the main plan, the main summary and the complete script along with the production plans in 14 working weeks.
    If the directors are in a short space of time because of a sudden event or crisis, it should be stated in a separate email.
  6. In case of agreement, the board of contribution will declare the kind of contribution and financial conditions in order to sign a contract.
  7. In case of agreement, the board of contribution will send forms of moral and professional commitment to the directors and producers to be signed legally and sent to the institute.
  8. If, during the production, any material (picture, sound, photo, graphic file, music, plan, idea and etc.) is proved to be taken without legal permission or copyright from the owner(s), this institute will have the right to terminate the contract in presence of its lawyer and even in absence of directors or producers. If it is proved after the production, the institute can compensate the owners’ rights from the project income. The institute can also terminate the contract in case the producers or directors receive any kind of support from governmental organizations or institutes
  9.  This institute will only contribute films about real human or anti-human events.

By the founder’s decision, this institute will not support the following plans:

  1. Plans that analyze the event
  2. Plans that insult or slander any person or groups
  3. Plans that support of a particular person or group, or advertise a particular government
  4. Plans that intend to sow division and disturb peace and friendship
  5. Plans that intentionally or unintentionally narrate another event
  6. Plans that advertise a particular company or brand
  7. Plans that include an insult to the divine in the theme or plot of the film
  8. Plans that insult a particular country, race or belief
  9. Plans that do not observe the basic principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

What we do in support and contribution of projects:

  • Contribution in research, writing the plan or the script
  • Contribution in pre-production phase
  • Contribution in providing facilities and equipment of pre-production
  • Contribution in providing facilities and equipment of production
  • Contribution in editing, sound editing, graphic box
  • Contribution in production of animations or other graphical matters